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Hollow Brick Machine Decrease Energy Consumption

Hongrun is a professional brick machine manufacturer and our main products include JKY60 two-stage vacuum brick extruder, JK series steel two-stage vacuum brick extruder, box-type feeder, high-speed crushing roller machine, biaxial mixer, belt conveyor, strip cutter, automatic brick slitter, etc.

Hongrun hollow brick machine are advanced twin-stage vacuum extruder which draw lessons from the developed domestic, abroad experiences and design to make.
Hongrun hollow brick machine are mainly made of high quality steel with features of reasonable structure, sturdy and durability. And they have strong applicability, high efficiency, easy maintenance but lower energy consumption.
The axles, gear and other important spare parts of Hongrun hollow brick machine extend the service life which are made by carbon steel and alloy steel through modulation or quench's heat treatment procession.
The dialing mud plate's transfer and material level control are fixed with protecting device which improves the plant efficiency of breakdown maintenance. And it also makes sure that it can't easily damage the main spare parts during usage.
The reamer of Hongrun hollow brick machine adopt the floating shaft structure which can eliminate and reduce the machine's shacking and rocking times because of curve in principal axle after long time usage.
The blade of the reamer of Hongrun hollow brick machine adopt the wear-resistant metallic material coating technology which make its life is four times to seven times longer than the common reamer. The lead has the function of light pressure delivery and high pressure extrusion which make the machine save energy from fifteen percent to thirty percent.
Hongrun hollow brick machine are applicable for the production of high-rate hollow bricks with the materials of coal gangue, shale, high-volume fly-ash, urban construction waste, gangue waste, inferior soil.

Hongrun has our own CAD design room, new product and wall material automatic R&D room. Now we have 76 full-time researchers, who have successfully developed Chinese first double helix brick making machine price extruding machine. Dedicated to strict quality control and perfect customer service, the experienced staff members in Hongrun are always available to provide technical consultancy, discuss your requirements and service machinery overseas, and ensure full customer satisfaction.  Welcome to visit our factory!

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