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Plastic Grinding Mill

The plastic grinding mill has wide application such as high and low pressure polyethylene PE, soft and hard PVC, polypropylene PP, random polypropylene PPR, nylon PA, polycarbonate PC, PS and ABS, SBS, PET, etc. It has good effect for tough material crushing, not only PVC and other plastic plates, but also wood, bamboo shavings, rubber, etc. The crushed material has the features of insoluble, not decomposed, no discoloration, no dust etc. 

plastic-grinding-mill Technical Parameters:

Model 500
Chamber Diameter (mm) 500
Main Motor (kw) 30-37
Fan Power (kw) 3
Shaker Motor (kw) 1.1
Feeding Motor (kw) 0.75
Hard PVC Milling 
Capacity (kg/h)
Hard ps Milling 
Capacity (kg/h)

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