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Tunnel Kiln

 Introduction to Tunnel kiln

Tunnel kiln is the most popular kiln to adopt in brick making production line. Tunnel kiln is easy to design for automatic brick making production line compare with traditional box model kilns.

 Structure of Tunnel Kiln

Tunnel kiln is usually a long linear form tunnel, its two-sides and coping has fixed wall and condole top, an orbit laid at the bottom, which the kiln car is operated. The combustion equipments are located on the middle of both sides of the tunnel kiln. The tunnel kiln usually has 4 sections to sintering bricks, such as preheating zone, sintering zone, heat preservation zone and national cooling zone. And the high temperature gases is generated by combustion flows along the tunnel to kiln under the function of the front end chimney or the exhaust fans and preheats the wet adobes meanwhile which entering the tunnel kiln. So this section constitutes the preheating zone in tunnel kiln. In the tunnel kiln preheated blowing cold air, after a period of cooling the adobes the cold air being heated flowing through the adobes and then drawn into the dryer as the heat source for drying the green bricks, which institutes the cooling zone of tunnel kiln.

 Work Steps of Tunnel Kiln

Step One: After hollow block cutting, we shift adobe blocks on dryer trolly shelf.
Step Two:  We use ferry and pusher to push dryer trolly with bricks into dryers for brick drying.
Step Three: After we get bricks from dryer, we push dried bricks into firing tunnel for brick cooking.
Step Four:  We use tractor to pull fire kiln trolly out of kiln.
Step Five:  We can sell all kinds of bricks  can be fired in such small kiln for burning bricks.
Step Six : All kinds of fuel,like,oil, natural gas, coal, wood can be used in firing bricks in tunnel kiln.


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