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JKY Series Brick Extruder

 Description of Brick Extruder:

JKY Series Brick Extruder is designed to make solid or hollow bricks from coal gangue, shale, fly ash and clay. Hongrunbrick extruders can be assemble as linear-shaped or T-shaped accroding to customer’s demand.

Hongrunis a professional brick extruder manufacturer and our main products include JKY60 two-stage vacuum brick extruder, JK series steel two-stage vacuum brick extruder, box-type feeder, high-speed crushing roller machine, biaxial mixer, belt conveyor, strip cutter, automatic brick slitter, etc.

This brick extruder is applyed to make raw materials after agitation, ingredients and rolling press into standard or hollow bricks with further agitation (or adding steam), air exhaust and pressing. And by cutting, the extruded strips are made into brick with different specifications.

This brick etruding machine is designed with high-chromium alloy screw, reamer and main engine lining, which significantly decreased the load of main machine. According to calculations, the output per hour of the brick machine increases by 31.5%.

The main body of the brick extruding machine is welded by high-quality steel plate, the key components, such as shaft, gear, are made of carbon steel and alloy steel treated by quenching and tempering, which greatly extend the working life. There is safety device of the clay plate transmission and material level control, preventing damage of the key components during use and improving the maintenance efficiency of equipment. The main reamer adopts floating shaft structure, which can eliminate or reduce shaking and sloshing of the device caused by the long-term use of main shaft. The reamer blade uses wear resistant metal spraying technology, which make its life 4 to 7 times longer than that of ordinary ones. Scientific arrangement of pitch, with the function of “small pressure conveying, large pressure extruding”, energy saving 15%~20%.

This brick extruding machine can be applied to produce solid brick, load-bearing perforated brick and different specifications of hollow brick and the raw material of this brick machine can be clay, coal gangue, fly ash, urban construction wastes, tailings waste and poor soil.

 Featurers of HongrunBrick Extruder:

The two-stage brick extruders are welded by high-quality steel, and by heat treatment to eliminate welding stress.

It has the advantage of reasonable structure, strong adaptability with flexible installation, low energy consumption, high output, easy maintenance; etc.

Applicable Materials: Shale, coal gangue, fly ash, industrial tailings, etc. 

 Technical Parameters
Model Production Ability
Motive Power
Principal Axis
Turning Speed (r/m)
Feature Size
JKY75/70-4.0 14000-18000 250+90+3 18/24 6690*2400*2850
JKY75/55-4.0 9000-12000 75+160 25/32 7300*2770*3130
JKY70/70-4.0 15000-19000 250+90+3 18/24 6130*6700*2850
JKY70/60-4.0 14000-15000 250+90+3 18/24 6130*6700*2850
JKY60/60-4.0 10000-13000 110+220 23/25 7050*2040*2800
JKY55/55-4.0 8000-11000 75+200 20/25 6450*1950*2240

Notice: the parameter is subject to change for different raw material.


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