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JKRD Series Brick Extruder

 Description of Brick Extruder JKRD

JKRD serie brick extruder is suitable for processing coal gangue, shale, fly ash and clay into various hollow and solid bricks. JKRD brick extruder is the best choice for small and medium-sized brick making enterprises.

The JKR brick machine produced by Hongrunis a two-stage vacuum brick extruding machine with all-steel structure which is welded by high quality steel plate, and the main parts are quenched with compact, practical and stable performance. This brick extruder is energy saving with less power consumption, suitalbe for using in small brick plant or power restricted areas.

Hongrunbrick extruder is a good shale brick making machine.

 Technical Features of Brick Extruder JKRD

The trowel adopts wear-resistant metal powder coating technology;
  The upper mixing shaft, trowel shaft and the extruder body, are all treated by aging and quenching;
  Reducer gears are of hardened surface;
  Clutch using patented screw compression technology significantly improving the service life of brick extruder.
  Meanwhile, the brick machine has reasonable design and compact structure without having to install anchor bolts to keep steady operation, reducing power consumption caused by vibration.
  Make wastes (shale, gangue, slag, etc) into variable for less energy consumption with obvious economic and social benefits.

 Technical Parameters
Model Production Ability
Motive Power
Principal Axis
Turning Speed(r/m)
Feature Size
JKRD50/50-2.5 9000-13000 132 30-40 5050*2000*1760
JKRD50/50-2.0 1000-15000 132 30-40 5050*2000*1760
JKRD45/45-2.0 9000-13000 110 30-40 4280*1860*1690
JKRD40/40-2.0 8000-12000 90 40-45 3950*1760*1690

Notice: the parameter is subject to change for different raw material.

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